Eheim powerled

EHEIM powerLED – the original lamp for open aquariums. It is attractive, distributes the ideal light evenly throughout the aquarium, is powerful and saves energy.

    • powerLED spot:
    • actinic blue
    • daylight
    • daylight & actinic blue

    With EHEIM powerLED your plants get the correct type and amount of light.

    powerLED is attractive and practical. You simply clamp the lamp onto the edge of the glass. Depending on the size of aquarium, you can use one or more lamps. Even if you only want to light up a specific area of a larger tank where the plants are growing, powerLED is ideal – it conjures up an exciting light effect in the underwater world.

    The LED-light covers almost the whole light spectrum. It is precisely constructed to match the important photosynthesis conditions required by plants and is far superior to commercially available light tubes. Furthermore with the Power-LED you save up to 80 % of energy.

    Benefits of EHEIM powerLED

    • High quality LED lamp for open top aquariums up to max. 35 cm high
    • Optimum illumination of the tank right to the bottom (ca. 3.100 lux)
    • Rule of thumb: 1 lamp for each 30 x 30 cm surface area
    • Light colour ca. 6.500 Kelvin
    • Optimum light spectrum in the range for photosynthesis between 400 and 500 nm
    • High energy efficiency, only 7 watt (energy saving up to 80 %)
    • Long lasting, ca. 20.000 operating hours
    • With practical clamp for adjustable attachment
    • Up to 20 mm clampable width, also suitable for open aquariums with top frame
    • Power supply 12 V. operating voltage

    High performance, low energy use, flexible and simply good

    EHEIM powerLED was originally developed for small open top aquariums. (vgl. auch Nano-Aquarium EHEIM aquastyle).

    The attractively shaped lamp is simply clamped onto the edge of the aquarium. With a clampable thickness of up to 20 mm. it can be attached to very thick glass as well as to aquariums with a top frame.

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    With ca. 3.100 lux the tank is illuminated evenly and sufficiently down to a depth of ca. 35 cm over a surface area of ca. 30 x 30 cm. On larger surface areas, additional lamps can be used.

    If a larger tank has plants only in a certain area, it is sufficient to simply illuminate this specific area. An extra effect is that it creates an interesting atmosphere in your underwater world. Furthermore, growth of algae is reduced where the light shines.

    The light is specially adapted to the best conditions for water plants: the illumination level is ca. 3.100 lux and the colour temperature ca. 6.500 Kelvin (daylight). And it covers the majority of the sunlight spectrum – especially the area important for photosynthesis between 400 und 500 nm.

    This gives far better results than comparable commercially available light tubes.

    With only 7 watt the Power-LED extremely efficient. Light saving up to ca. 80 %. And an operating life of ca. 20.000 hours means that the LED only needs to be changed every two years at the earliest.

    By the way: EHEIM powerLED combines superbly with EHEIM aquaCorner, the corner filter from 10-60 litres.

    Основная информация

    Аттракцион не виданной щедрости, сделай себе подарок на новый год.
    Диодное освещение для аквариума EHEIM Power LED plants
    771 mm — 24 W

    Основные характеристики:
    Мощность: 24 Вт
    Световой поток 2400 лм.
    Максимальная энергоэффективность 100 лм / Вт
    Цветовая температура: 10 000 К
    синий 465 нм и красный спектр 625 нм для здорового роста и требовательных растений
    Идеально подходит для аквариумов озера Малави и Танганьика
    Напряжение питания: 12 В
    Минимальная/максимальная длина аквариума: 784/938 мм.
    Средний срок службы> 50000 часов (13 — 14 лет на 10 часов / день)

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    К светильнику прилагается блок питания EHEIM Power LED Power supply 100 W, тройник для подключения двух ламп, диммер EHEIM Dimmer Day & Night for powerLED 12V ( диммер, таймер, рассвет закат, лунный свет)
    б/у семь месяцев.
    Стоимость комплекта 265 Евро с учётом доставки.

    EHEIM powerLED+ – the new generation of aquarium lighting. Perfectly balanced, individual light requirements for plants and fish — efficient, long-lasting and versatile for both fresh and marine water aquariums.

    • powerLED+:
    • fresh daylight
    • fresh plants
    • marine actinic
    • marine hybrid

    The new EHEIM powerLED+ is the perfect lighting for your aquarium

    From the full spectrum of sunlight to white and / or actinic light – our new LED lamps cover the entire range. All spectrums are carefully balanced to support the growth of either plants or corals and to enhance the natural colours in the aquarium.
    The LED’s can be adjusted to fit any aquarium by extending the brackets to the correct length or existing fluorescent tubes can be replaced with our LED by inserting the specially designed adapter into the existing light unit. EHEIM quality – made in Germany.

    Advantages of the EHEIM powerLED+

    • High-quality and efficient alternative to T5 fluorescent tubes (incl. reflector!)
    • Full depth lighting — even in deep aquariums.
    • LED strips can be combined to create the perfect balance for plant or coral growth
    • Full sunlight spectrum with maximum output for photosynthesis (fresh water).
    • Reproduces the natural colours in the aquarium
    • Average service life > 50.000 hours
    • High-quality, solid aluminium housing (anodised), marine water resistant
    • 8 lenghts available to fit aquariums from 36 – 135 cm long (lengths can be adjusted by extending the stainless steel support brackets).
    • Suitable for use with existing fluorescent light tube units (T8, T5); existing tubes can be replaced by inserting the EHEIM T8-/T5 adapter (see accessories)
    • Single and double wire suspension available for open aquariums (see accessories)
    • Highly efficient safety power supply (24V) saves energy
    • Several lamps can be connected to one power supply unit with our Y adaptor (accessories)
    • Can be used with LEDcontrol
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    For fresh water aquariums

    EHEIM powerLED+ fresh daylight

    • Bright daylight (7.000 K) with full sunlight spectrum
    • Reproduces the natural colours of the fish and plants
    • Maximum energy efficiency and light output (141 lm/W)
    • Can be combined with EHEIM powerLED+ fresh plants for particularly demanding plants

    EHEIM powerLED+ fresh plants

    • Full spectrum sunlight (9.500 K) for photosynthesis (royal blue 445 nm and warm white with an enhanced red component)
    • Encourages healthy growth in demanding plants
    • Perfect for Lake Malawi and Lake Tanganyika aquariums
    • Enhances the natural blue and red tones of fish and plants
    • Maximum energy efficiency and light output (93 lm/W)
    • Can be used as a single light source or in combination with EHEIM powerLED+ fresh daylight

    For marine aquariums

    • EHEIM powerLED+ marine hybrid
    • Optimal combination of white and actinic light (1:1)
    • High light output and balanced spectrum to support photosynthesis (445 nm)
    • Encourages colour reproduction (fluorescence) and the growth of corals
    • Particularly suitable for reef aquariums with corals and invertebrates
    • Use as a single light source or in combination with EHEIM powerLED+ marine actinic

    EHEIM powerLED+ marine actinic

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